Earthbaby Flowers is an organic flow floral shop located in the heart of Topanga Canyon who believes that having fun should be the goal, always. We began our journey as an e-commerce floral company over four years ago and now operate both online + in person at our public location. When you come visit us (cause now you have to), you'll find us playing with flowers, listening to No Doubt and enjoying the company of our amazing guests (some of which are hopefully dogs, because I want you to REALLY enjoy your time at the store. My fingers are crossed for you). Did I mention that dogs are welcome?! (PLEASE bring your dogs).

As a flower shop, we offer super cute gifts like floral infused bath salts + scrubs, handmade candles, as well as bulk dried florals for the crafty + earthy loves in your life. We also have plants and floral arrangements, too (obvi). [Insert winky face here]   On top of allllllllll that, our Earthbabies will take extra good care of you to make sure your floraly needs are met. Our goal is for you to leave with a smile and some kickass blooms, having had an absolutely wonderful experience. We want you to feel good, like you've been sprinkled with magical fairy flower dust, and to come back and visit because we  LOVE PEOPLE (not just dogs.... I mean, dogs are kinnnnnnnd of the best!)

"Flowers have a funny way of making you crack a smile." -Some person. (I mean, somebody had to have said this at some point in time, right?) #EarthbabyFlowers



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